Welcome to our new website!

We have been working hard on the new Fallalytics website since June, and are finally ready to put it out into the world.

Why did we do this?

The old Fallalytics website did its job ok. You got some nice information about solo show and some limited information about other shows, but that was it.


The project quickly outgrew the original scope, and we had to look for a better way of managing the site, and the data comming in. If a new round was added to Fall Guys, we had to manually punch in the data, and do a new launch of the website. This became boring quick, and resulted in the site going months before we bothered adding the new rounds etc.

Data management

Seeing the value in the data comming in, we had hopes of displaying more, but the structure we buildt the old website on, made it almost impossible to expand as quickly as we wanted. This ment leaving good functionality on the table. That hurts...

Whats new?

Fallalytics is now show agnostic

In addition to making the whole website more manageble, we focused heavily on beeing show agnostic. Meaning we dont put any special efforts into only solos, duos and squads. Any show that comes in the reports, gets treated the same. You can read more about the updates to shows here.

Information about spessific rounds

There was a lot to desire when it came to rounds on the old website. We now have a more complete view of spessific rounds. You can read more about it here.

Plans for the future

Were putting a lot of effort into this site going forward. Check out this article about whats comming next.

Special thanks:

Fall Guys Stats project

This site would not prosper, had it not been for the inclucion of Fallalytics reporting in the official version of the tracker.

A special thanks to Qutrits for all the efforts put into the tracker, and helping us getting to this point.

Check out the official Fall Guys Stats tracker here.


Other than beeing a fantastic website, the developers of FallGuysDB provides Fallalytics with an API to translate round and show names, this enhances both the experience for end users, as most rounds and shows get readable name, but also for the Fallalytics team, as we dont have to do as much manual labour.

Check out FallGuysDB here.


Dead game memes aside, we made this website because of our love of Fall Guys. Thank you to everyone who is involved with Fall Guys at any capacity. 

Check out the official website for Fall Guys here.

Foolyfish community

Thank you for beeing patient while we stole your streamer to do this project. You can have him back soon. Also shout out to Rev/rosół for making the icons on the front-page tiles.

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