Problem solved

After a hectic month of repairing, debugging and banging our heads at the wall, we finally found a solution to the stability issues we were having.


We are using some new tech on this site, and we have experienced what that can cause. We have isolated the problem to be related to "cache purging" and have disabled it for now. 

Moving on

We are at a stage now where we can focus our efforts on more fun stuff, like the highly anticipated leaderboards. We have started development and are aiming for a soft launch on Friday 17th of November. 


We will first launch a leaderboard per round that is of type "Race". That will also include finals where the first bean to qualify wins (like Fall Mountain). 

In the stats tracker, you will be able to enable leaderboard participation, and your PBs will be sent to Fallalytics, along with your IGN. We hope this is something the community will like, and use going forward. The leaderboard will include the top 100 times per race round, and you will be able to search for your IGN.

Ones we are happy with the leaderboards, we will launch a weekly crowns leaderboard, to show which player got the most crowns per week. 

Thank you for reading

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