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Weekly Crown Leaderboard

See who is currently winning the most in Fall Guys! This leaderboard resets every week, so the competition is always on!

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Site stats

116 800

Rounds logged (7d)

60 098

Data reporters

17 954

Unique games logged (7d)

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In order for this site to function, we are dependant on people using the Fall Guys Stats tracker and enabling Fallalytics reporting. 

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Latest news

Fall Guys Stats tracker

The Fall Guys Stats tracker is a free software for PC players, making it easy to track win rate...

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A new leaderboard has appeared!

We have created a new Fall Guys leaderboard and done some work under the hood.

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Fall Guys speedrun leaderboards is live!

We have been hard at work the last 3 weeks, and are happy to share that the new speedrun leader...

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Problem solved

After a hectic month of repairing, debugging and banging our heads at the wall, we finally foun...

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