Fall Guys Stats tracker

The Fall Guys Stats tracker is a free software for PC players, making it easy to track win rates, speedrun times, and overall statistics in Fall Guys.

Fall Guys Stats is an open-source project, and you can download the latest version on GitHub (Download)


Top 3 features in the Fall Guys Tracker

1: Performance tracking

Screenshot of the main screen in Fall Guys Stats
The main screen in Fall Guys Stats tracker

This is the first and main feature of the tracker. You can see what medals you get per round, personal best times, and overall win rate. You can create profiles for different play sessions, or separate stats for solos, squads, and time-limited shows. 

2: Overlay

This is a great feature for content creators. Get instant information about a round you play, like your win rate for the round you're about to start and show off your win rates. You can also see information like how many players are there in the lobby, and what your network delay (ping) is.

A screenshot of the overlay in the Fall Guys Stats tracker
A screenshot of a customized overlay in the Fall Guys Stats tracker
Customized overlay

The overlay has heaps of customization options, and you can tailor it to your need.

3: Fallalytics integration

Fallalytics is the website you’re reading this article on, and the Fall Guys Tracker team works closely with us to make both solutions better.

In the tracker, you can enable reporting data to Fallalytics. By doing this, your username will appear in player search, crown, and speedrun leaderboards. You can also see your reported data in the tracker.

A screenshot of the fall guys stats tracker, with an arrow pointing towards a username

By clicking on your username on the main screen, you can easily see what stats you have reported to Fallalytics, and see how you stack up against other players. 

A screenshot of Fall Guys Stats page with Leaderboards and other Fallalytics data

If you play Fall Guys and want to know more about your performance, we recommend downloading the tracker. You can read more about the tracker on the official Github page.

Fallalytics + Fall Guys Stats = ❤

On May 1st, 2023, Fallalytics was officially supported by the tracker, enabling all users who use it to report stats to Fallalytics, making the data on Fallalytics infinitely more accurate, and increasing the sample size by 50 Times (?!).

Since October, we have expanded the functionality, focusing on competitive leaderboards.

To report your stats to Fallalytics, make sure you enable data reporting and leaderboard participation in the settings:

Step by step process on how to enable data reporting to Fallalytics in Fall Guys Stats
  1. Open Fall Guys Stats and click “Settings”
  2. Click on Fallalytics
  3. Check the boxes for “Send information” and “Join weekly crown league”
  4. Click save, and you're good to go!

Now play a couple of games, and search for your username in the player search.

If you have any questions, let us know in a DM on X/Twitter.


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