All shows are equal!

We get it. Solo show is not the only important show in Fall Guys, and we have taken a show agnostic approach when designing and developing Fallalytics 2.0

All shows receive the same amount of data detail going forward. Any information we display about for instance Solos will also be available for Squads, creative and weekly shows.

Shows list

On the shows page, we now display all shows, and you can even search for shows that have moved out of rotation. We also display a rank, showing what show has been the most popular for the last 24 hours.

Meta, summary, and top 10 combined

On the old website, we had a separate page for meta, summary, and top 10 (and only for solos...). This made it cumbersome to navigate around.

Now, once you have selected a show, you can easily view all graphs and data on the same page. Try it out


One thing that is missing from shows today, that we hope to bring back soon, is the top 5 per round number. This was made on the old website, to give a little attention to everything not Solo Show. Time constraints had us make the tough choice of putting this in the backlog, and were hoping to get it back soon.

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