A new leaderboard has appeared!

We have created a new Fall Guys leaderboard and done some work under the hood.

We have seen a lot of interest in our Fall Guys speedrun leaderboards and have decided to work more on them.

Here is a quick update on what's been done:

Speedrun ranking

It's a bit cumbersome to view each round individually, so we have made one leaderboard, compiling all rounds into one. Check it out! We hope this will let players know how they are doing compared to others, and motivate for more competition. 

Here is how we calculate the scores:

You get points for each entry you have on the leaderboards, calculated as follows:

  • #1 = (Number of players beaten) * 1.5
  • Top 20% = (Number of players beaten) * 1.35
  • Top 50% = (Number of players beaten) * 1.15
  • < Top 50% = (Number of players beaten)

These bonuses are applied like the medals are in the game.

Scores are updated once per day.

This means, that if you have placed #180 on Big Fans, and there are 1000 participants on that rounds leaderboard, you get:

820 (players beaten) * 1.35 (180 is in the top 20%) = 1107 points.

If you have the best time (#1) on a round with only 7 participants (For instance a creative round), you get:

6 (players beaten) * 1.5 (Being #1) = 9 points.

If you have a PB that's outside of the top 1000, you will not get points for that round, however, if you have a PB that's within the top 1000, on a round with 2000 participants, you will get points for beating all players (even those who are not top 1000).

Repeat that for all rounds and you get your total score used for the rankings.


We have adjusted the medal icons on the leaderboards, to show as they do in-game:

  • #1: Gold
  • Top 20%: Silver
  • Top 50%: Bronze
  • <50%: Pink

Site load times

We still haven't found a cheap and reliable way of hosting the site, so in the meantime, we have reduced the database size by a whopping 80%(!?). This will make the site run a little faster when looking up leaderboards and should reduce the amount of processing power needed to make the stats pages for rounds and shows. We have been accepted to sell ads by Google, so you might see those appear on the new leaderboard, to finance server hosting with a cloud provider.


That was all for now. We are working on the Weekly Crown leaderboards and a page where you can look up all stats per player. Stay tuned!

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