Whats next for Fallalytics?

Were super happy to launch the new Fallalytics site, but were not stopping here. Together with the developer of the Fall Guys Stats tracker, we are working on something exciting!

Back in 2021, we made a leaderboard on fallalytics, to show who is the most eager reporter. This feature was unfortunately removed due to changes in the Fall Guys logs format, and we could no longer verify who sent in the data.

Leaderboard is coming back

Together with Qubit from the team that manages the tracker, we have solved the technical part of how to implement a leaderboard, and it's not going to be limited to reports.

Here is a list of features we are focusing on for the new leaderboard(s):

  • Individual leaderboard for all race rounds
  • Weekly leaderboard for who got the most crowns
  • Weekly leaderboards for who played the most.

To be entered into the leaderboards, you must use the Fall Guys Stats tracker, and enable leaderboard participation.

We are putting 100% of our efforts into the first item on the list above, and aim to launch this mid to late October this year. Stay tuned!

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